The dissertation is a particular challenge not only in terms of time, it also requires scientific work of the highest standard in terms of content. The doctoral thesis should almost always contain new findings, and justify a further development of current research literature. Doctoral students must prove that they are familiar with the common scientific working methods of the research field and can apply them independently. With an experienced ghostwriter for the dissertation, you can be sure that all these criteria are met. We can guarantee that, as all our authors have academic titles and many years of experience in writing scientific papers, such as a bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis. The authors at Essay Help  have to undergo a rigorous and rigorous selection process before they can work for us. Out of 100 academic writers and experts who apply to us, only 9 are dropped.

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Foundations and requirements for a dissertation / doctoral thesis.

After graduating from a university, graduates can enroll in a research project at the university. First of all, you have to apply to the Dean’s Office for admission as a doctoral student, then the research topic will be named and – if not done in advance – a supervisor will be sought for the dissertation. Selection of subject area, topic and research question are basically with the student and are as good as no restrictions. Unlike the bachelor thesis or master thesis, where the number of pages is relatively strict, the scope of a dissertation depends heavily on the topic and subject area. It can be less than 50 pages in the natural sciences, and up to 500 pages in the humanities (for basic information on the doctoral thesis, see Of course, there are differences between issues of medicine, physics, psychology or archeology.

A certain time limit is usually not made by the university, usually between two and five years are scheduled for a promotion. The reason why it is difficult to estimate the time required lies in the nature of research; you never know what will happen. There may be results or consequences that were unexpected, study participants may be dropped off or samples may be unusable, as well as trips abroad or to other research centers. If you get the help of a professional ghostwriter for the doctoral thesis, at least this last part, the writing of the work, is calculable.