The doctoral thesis or dissertation is the most demanding academic work one can write at the university. This work is rewarded with a PhD in front of the name, but it is not easy to earn this degree. Being able to write the dissertation is a great help. For the doctoral thesis you have already invested a very big and sometimes hard time and now you have to finish the work in 2017, so that you finally have the doctoral degree. Looking for a ghostwriter for his PhD, Ph.D., spares you the stress and helps, if you just can not cope with the mammoth project to which the doctoral post has developed. By turning to a professional agency with experienced ghostwriters, you can find individual help for the academic work at any university and get a good deal at a competitive price.

Ghostwriter for the dissertation – what are the costs?

Of course, having a ghostwriter for his doctoral thesis has its price. However, experienced agencies that work in the field of academic ghostwriting are able to make individual offers and tailor their prices to the clients’ budgets. The personal consultants on our website know that students, graduates or doctoral students do not have an infinite budget and are happy to meet their customers. On your non-binding request, we will make you an individual offer for the promotion, which is not only cheap, but also guarantees the highest quality. Whether it’s a bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, seminar paper or just a doctoral thesis, this is how you get the work of an experienced ghostwriter at the lowest possible cost.

If you have your thesis written with us, we calculate the price depending on certain criteria:

  • Topic of the thesis, subject area and complexity of the question
  • Urgency and timeframe for submission (the earlier you place the order, the lower the price)
  • Number of pages (additional pages, such as title page, bibliography, etc. are of course included free of charge)
  • Choice of service package (Standard, Premium, or Platinum)
  • additional customer service such as top-writer guarantee, SMS notification, 24-hour contact, etc.

Example costs for a dissertation / dissertation of 200 pages:

  • Our standard package, for those who can plan in advance and want to buy professional service at a low price: For a job 2 months before delivery you get high-quality Ghostwriting for only 41.09 $ per page.
  • This is the most popular premium package among our customers: even scarcely 5 days before the end of the deadline, you get top quality for a reasonable 59.93 $.
  • For VIP customer service, additional offers and top quality, there is our platinum package:
  • Even with extreme time pressure, one of our best ghostwriters does a first-class job for a budget of $ 71.06.

Is it worthwhile to buy the dissertation or doctoral thesis? This decision is best made by comparing all the factors in a comparative calculation. On the one hand, there are the costs of the ghostwriter, on the other hand there is the time and all the things you can not do at this time. Especially if you have a student job on the side, you know how much money you would earn in the time you spend at the desk or in the library. This raises the question of whether it is even possible in time to complete the scientific work on time, without having help for the dissertation. Private as well as professional reasons can play a role here, but you should be honest with yourself, if it’s realistically feasible. As the last item on the list, one has to keep in mind the quality one wants to give up in his scientific work. After all the hard work that you have invested, you have finally earned a top grade.

The Benefits of Buying a Thesis at a Ghostwriting Agency at a Glance:

  • Search for the best ghostwriters for the topic
  • Create graduation papers in top quality
  • Protection against plagiarism and individual, unique work
  • Cheap, student friendly prices
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Protection of private data and absolute secrecy
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Time savings and absolute freedom from stress even with tight deadlines