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Dissertation and doctoral thesis

The dissertation or thesis is associated with a great deal of work, which is why more and more ghostwriters are being sought. In any case, the academic work must have absolute added value, since doctoral students are simply expected to be able to contribute to the subject themselves with new research results. However, before being admitted to a doctorate, a master’s or master’s degree is usually required. The doctoral thesis can be written at the university or, of course, at another institution. Unlike other academic theses, however, the dissertation must be published. By publishing the thesis is available to everyone, it can be published by a publisher, self-published or in microform, as well as in the form of an online dissertation, which is certainly among the cheapest options.

How much time is required for the doctoral thesis?

The dissertation is one of the greatest highlights in life, which is why most professors require a clear concept of the candidate in terms of the timetable. It’s almost impossible to write like a colleague on a thesis. On average, the doctoral phase lasts between four and five years. In two years, you can only do it in principle if you do not have to be on the payroll and all the necessary conditions are available. The time spent on the dissertation is almost as important as the funding. In addition to a full-time job, a successful doctorate is very exhausting. If this is the case, then one should opt for a topic, which is not affected by time-outs and major changes, so that one can take over the research activities in his spare time.

How do you find suitable topics for the dissertation?

The topic for the doctoral thesis must be well planned for reasons of time. The first step is already done by the bachelor thesis. The real subject area should therefore already be determined. Although the methodology for finding a topic is a necessary evil, it is absolutely important because it is the most important part of the dissertation. It is essential to avoid drowning in the flood of data. Of course, it is relevant who is interested in the future doctoral thesis, because it is bad when almost nobody is interested in the chosen subject area.

Good topics for the dissertation can be found among others at the German Cancer Research Center, in the Doctoral Forum, at Thesius. Otherwise, one can of course also speak with people from the daily practice, so that the creativity is stimulated and new points of view are discovered. Of course, the professors and colleagues also give good orientation on how best to select the dissertation topic. It is no coincidence that they are longstanding experts in their area of ​​responsibility who can offer valuable assistance. Even if you do not opt ​​for one of the suggested topics, you get a good feeling, which direction could develop from it.

The way to the doctorate

On average, doctoral students spend about four years working on their dissertation. The exact way depends on the university, and of course on the respective department. If all prerequisites for the doctorate are given, then you register for the doctoral procedure. In principle, this is the award in view of the future doctoral degree, which includes the writing of a dissertation. The doctoral thesis can be written in doctoral programs or, of course, on your own. Most of the work is supervised by so-called doctorate fathers, who are very close to their own research topic. Depending on the examination regulations, there may be a need to acquire additional licenses and to attend further seminars. If the doctoral thesis is finally completed after many years, then it will be presented in multiple copies at a certain date at the examination office. The doctorate is initiated when the examination office forwards the dissertation to the doctoral supervisor as well as to another second reviewer. During the exam, an appointment will then be made with regard to the oral test.